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Functional Collaboration

By Sophie Restall 

In collaboration with Krystal Barrera, Javier Almanza, Sean Gianni, Zoe Elliott, Will Escobar, Güalí García, Lyn Kline, Sophie Lastra, Jazz Mcgerr, Soren Neumeister, Nikko Quinones, Fiona Shimeld, Michael Souder, Claire Swanstrom, Melinda Thao, Oscar Urquiza, Irene Valencia, Irma Barbosa, Ana Vidal, Veronica Wang, Amir Williams, Vincent Aren Williams


Each of these cups acts as a tangible collaboration between me and another person. In addition to their function, these cups act as a symbol of human connection and cooperation, demonstrating that functional art can have value far beyond its function. 


The Process: 

1. On a pottery wheel, I made 22 cups in one 4 hour sitting (shown on the time-lapse video).

2. Each person in the class chose a cup and carved decorations into its surface. No limitations were given on how or what they did to their cups. Both of our initials were carved into the bases. 

3. The cups were fired in a kiln. 

4. I glazed each cup, coating the interiors with colored glazes then dipping them fully in clear glaze.

5. The cups were fired in a kiln. 

6. After being presented here, the collection will disperse, each person taking their cup with them. 

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