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Sophie is an artist with experience using a wide range of art media and is currently a graduate student working toward licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist and board certification as an Art Therapist. She has facilitated artmaking experiences with a wide range of people in clinical and non-clinical settings, including facilitating art groups at the county jail, creating art activities for community events, gaining clinical trainee hours at local schools, and holding monthly virtual art groups for adults with chronic illness. She believes strongly in the therapeutic power of creative expression and feels passionate about advocating for the field of Art Therapy.

Artist statement

In my work as an undergraduate, exploring topics such as trauma and social stigma through participatory artwork allowed me to come to terms with childhood and adolescent experiences and connect with my peers in meaningful ways. Currently, my body of work consists mainly of abstract acrylic paintings. As someone who leans toward perfectionism and overthinking, abstract painting pulls my attention into the present moment and into my body. This work often encapsulates the idea of “organized chaos,” representing the inner conflict between freedom and constraint.


Flameworking with borosilicate glass is another medium I have been exploring recently, and similar to wheel thrown pottery (a favorite medium that I don’t currently practice), it is also highly embodied and requires intense present-moment awareness. Finally, my graduate program requires a great deal of art making that encourages exploration of lived experiences and interpersonal relationships, which has fostered deep personal growth and is vital in my journey toward becoming an Art Therapist.


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